Reputation Marketing vs. Reputation Management: What is the Difference?

Reputation management has been quite the buzzword of late and now gurus are beginning to pivot to “Reputation Defender” and eschew the principle of management they were espousing not too long ago. Online reputation management is now considered reactionary, and very much akin to crisis management; due to this main factors, the term has fallen out of favor. In its place, we now have quite a lot of talk on reputation marketing and a slew of articles informing business owners and entrepreneurs of how to achieve reputation nirvana.
In a, Steve Olenski covers the subject matter in great detail. In the article he describes the advantages of embracing reputation marketing and offers a rather well-thought-out examination of the reasons why it is an effective strategy and very helpfully offers actionable advice on how to create and improve marketing skills as they relate to a firm’s online presence and reputation.

Perhaps the most impactful behavior that Mr. Olenski offers is the monitoring and management of social media reviews and direct feedback from end users. The article considers each and every review, both positive and negative, as opportunities to engage with customers in a positive manner thus burnishing the firm’s profile.

Both approaches can create positive interactions with current and future customers, and if neglected, negative customer experiences will undoubtedly abound. Online company presences must never be considered static, and whatever strategy is utilized, a company must not ignore this aspect of their business. In essence, the difference between the two approaches comes down to a proactive mindset versus one that is reactionary.


A New Age of Innovativeness for Hotels to Improve Overall Customer Satisfaction

The J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study reveals that the hotel industry might be reaching a customer satisfaction plateau. This might be so despite hotel guests and customers getting used to the usual amenities such as the free WI-FI, premium bed linens, and the complimentary breakfast. Reaching its 20th year, the study conducts this analysis by measuring the overall guest satisfaction across eight hotel segments which include luxury, upper upscale, upper midscale, midscale, economy, upper extended stay and extended stay. Each segment is then further examined by measuring seven key measure which includes check-in/check-out, reservation, food and beverage, guest room, hotel facilities, hotel services, and finally cost and fees.
Despite the fact that there has been an improvement in overall customer satisfaction by two points, from 2015’s average of 806, this represents a much smaller increase compared to the past couple of years. Nevertheless, improvements made on cost and fees have made a significant change to the overall customer satisfaction. However, while cost and fees improved on their satisfaction by twenty-five points between 2014 and 2015, this year records an improvement only by one point.
While customers are responding positively to these offerings provided by hotel brands, it only goes to reason that when these amenities become standard, customers will start to ask, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ when customers no longer appreciate the value of these added amenities, hotel brands will be forced to develop innovative means of services to stand out from other brands and make the guests feel welcomed and appreciated.
While on the prowl for a real good real estate agent for your hotel needs and living facilities, Terry Baltes is eagerly at your service. Mr. Baites, who is the founder and owner of Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd, is an experienced real estate expert who has sold a lot of properties under his name. He has found a lot of favor with self-storage facility sales, while his company has built its reputation in conducting all types of properties sales.
In Dayton, Ohio Terry Baltes stands out as the best commercial real estate broker. At Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd, Baltes employs a number of property experts who make the company a leader in hotel property management. When it comes to hotel properties, one requires a lot of in-depth knowledge and a massive network, and Baltes’s company has it all. Find more about Baltes on his Vimeo account.

Innova Health Care, Prominent Provider of Medicare Advantage Plan and Physician Practice Services

Medicare Advantage Plan is a health insurance program sold by private insurance companies. The program features a contract with the federal government where individual are paid fixed amount per person to cover Medicare Benefits. Advantage plan offers all services provided by Original Medicare Plan except the Hospice care. The program includes wellness program, urgently needed care, hearing, dental, and drugs if a user has paid part D.

If one enrolls for Medicare Advantage plan, they are required to pay monthly premiums for original Part A and Part B of Medicare. This is because Advantage Plan provides all services of Parts A and B. However, Advantage Plan calls for different rules, cost, and restrictions. Thus, one should check out the plan coverage before they enroll.

Advantage Plan comes in different forms with different guidelines. The main three forms include Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, and Private Fee for Services. Other various forms such as Medicare Medical Saving Account, Special Needs Plan, and Provider sponsored organization exists within the three primary forms. One is eligible for Advantage plan if they do not have End- Stage Renal Disease, have Parts A and B, and live within plan’s service area.

Read more: InnovaCare Health | LinkedIn

Innova Health Care has positioned itself as a prominent provider of Medicare Advantage Plan and Physician practice services. Innova care has earned a reputation due to it is innovative and quality services that have adopted advanced technology, along with the sustainable and viable model. InnovaCare has established vast relationships with physicians, employers, hospitals, and patients. The extensive networks play a critical role in streamlining operations and administrative services. Subsequently, achieving quality patient care.

InnovaCare Health is headed by Dr. Rick Shinto, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and president of the company. He has intensive experience in healthcare that span over 20 years. Shinto has authored numerous articles on health care and clinical medicine, and he is the former CEO of AVETA. Rick Shinto went to the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he earned his medical degree. Later he obtained an MBA from New York University.

Penelope Kokkinides serve as the Chief Administrative Officer at Innova Care. She also features vast experience of more than two decades in the healthcare industry. Initially, she served as COO at Innova Care, and COO of Aveta. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages from Binghamton University. Penelope also holds master’s degree in Social Work from New York University.

Naomi Campbell: Model, Philanthropist, and Activist

As a child in the 80s and 90s, I remember seeing fashion everywhere! One of the faces that frequented magazine covers and runways was Naomi Campbell. Campbell, a British model, was one of the first black women that I remember being on the runway and in magazines. Naomi Campbell is not just a pretty face and body: she also has brains and compassion for her fellow human beings.

Campbell currently serves as executive producer and supermodel coach on the successful television series, The Face, which airs on Oxygen. The show is now an international success, with Campbell staring as a coach in Australia, the United Kingdom and The United States. The reality series stars model coaches and models that compete to be “the face” of a major ad campaign.

A side of Naomi Campbell that has been overshadowed by other events in her life is that she is an actively involved philanthropist, supporting causes such as: Fashion for Relief, Balance Diversity, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the Made in Africa Foundation, AMFAR, Citizens for Justice and Peace, Breast Health International, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. In 2005, she founded We Love Brazil, a charity which raises awareness of and fights poverty throughout Brazil through the sale of locally made fabrics. She was publicly recognized for her charity work in Brazil in 2007 by the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Cesar Maia.

She has also raised public awareness of unequal pay based on race within the fashion industry. While she was one of the top models in the world throughout the 80s and 90s, she was never paid as highly as her white colleagues. She has addressed this discrimination in the fashion industry as recently as 2013, when she joined Iman and Bethann Hardison to create the Diversity Coalition. They began an open letter campaign, calling out designers who were using few or no models of color in their campaigns and shows.

Naomi Campbell is still a radiant model. Though she may no longer grace the catwalk during fashion week, she continues to be an active member of fashion and humanity.

Check out her website here.

Kenneth Goodgame Guides Companies to Ongoing Success

Kenneth Goodgame has long been a highly visible advocate of helping people to get their businesses in order and on to the important task of becoming more successful. As a leader in the operations management field, he has created billion dollar brands for his clients. With a combination of the correct merchandising, financial alignment and informed business strategies, Kenneth Goodgame has a proven track record for success.

He has long made it a point to help get employees engaged. Any business can keep the doors open if they stick to the basics, but using Goodman’s proven systems for getting employees more engaged has a way of making businesses reach their goals and to ensure that employees feel included in the company vision. This allows leaders to thrive, profits to increase and brands to explode in popularity.

Additionally, Goodgame helps to improve the most important performance metrics and to help companies to improve the overall quality of their products and services. With an eye toward both short and long term goals, he works with his clients every step of the way to ensure that business leaders are able to motivate their staff while improving the bottom line of their companies.

There are not many people in this field with the insight and experience to make real the kind of real change and improvements that business owners and operators need. Kenneth keeps an eye on the market place and knows how to see what’s coming down the road. This helps his clients to avoid potential problems and to reach their business goals without running into costly obstacles

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Talk Fusion: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

It will be ten years for Talk Fusion in 2017, which is pretty hard to believe. When Bob Reina started the company, he had big plans for it and he is incredibly happy to see that they have come true in flying colors. The company is in the best shape it has ever been in and it has expanded in numerous ways. Anyone that knows Bob Reina, however, should not be surprised by this development. This is the kind of man he is and how he lives his life, each and every day. He gives it one hundred and ten percent and when he creates a product, he wants it to be the best product that it can be, bar none. He doesn’t want anything getting in its way or stopping it.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Talk Fusion, it is a video chat device that allows you to have video emails and video conferences to name a few. Video email is something that a lot of people are really getting behind and supporting, as it really adds a personal touch to your emails. There is nothing like getting a video email and actually getting to see the person and see what they are all about at the end of the day. This is great for two uses. Number one, if you have a family member or a loved one that lives far away, you are able to communicate with them, stay in touch with them, and have them feel like a part of you is with them at all times. They never have to feel alone or like you aren’t there. All they have to do is turn to the video email and you are right there for them.

If you are running a business and want to get as many people on a conference video chat as possible, no matter where they are from, this allows you to do that and chat with people for board meetings. Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion makes everything and anything easier in today’s tech world. The times are changing and we have to change with them.

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Eric Pulier Gives His Life To Kids In Need

Highly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist Eric Pulier began programming computers when he was only in fourth grade. He stated his first database computer company shortly after starting high school and soared off to Harvard University right after graduation. Since childhood Eric Pulier was always business minded and financially aware. He studied English and American literature and in 1988 he graduated magna sum lade.

In 1991 Pulier moved to Los Angeles and founded his second company, People Doing Things, also known as PDT. The company took on issues from healthcare to education through the use of innovative technology. Just three years after founding PDT, Pulier launched his third successful business in 1994. Digital Evolution is an interactive agency that offers identity based and SOA management platforms. He also joined in effort to launch Starbright world, a private network specifically for children with chronic illness where they can communicate with other who share their experience.

One of the most admirable qualities Eric Pulier possesses is his ability to empathize with other, and his genuine desire for everyone to have what they need and deserve. He is an active philanthropist who uses technology to both solve economic problem, but also as a platform to raise awareness for a cause, and raise more money communities that are not as financially stable. He has a strong commitment to helping disadvantaged children around the world. The US Doctors for Africa named Outlier as the top-billed honoree at an event in New York in 2010. Pulier dedicated much of his time and finances to organizations geared towed helping children with disabilities and chronic illness. His selflessness has caused him to be thought of as one of the most generous philanthropist in the U.S.

Visit Eric’s personal website here.

DIVERSANT’s Executives And John Goullet’s Remarkable IT Staffing Career

DIVERSANT is an American firm that deals with IT staffing. It is a fully certified MBE and the biggest IT staffing company, which is African American Owned. DIVERSNAT provides a number of scalable IT staffing along with diversity products. They comprise of IT staff direct hire, augmentation, as well as creative diversity solutions. The company’s products and services are based on transformative ideas. Their purpose is to gratify the clients, associates, as well as the communities they serve’s needs.

DIVERSANT’ leadership comprises of experienced individuals in the IT staffing industry. The firm is headed by Gene Waddy. He is the CEO and the founder of the company. Waddy is an expert that is self driven. He is dedicated to helping others. DIVERSANT has maintained steady growth under Waddy’s leadership. It is highly regarded by many Fortune 500 companies due to its excellence. Waddy previously served at Spherion Technology. He worked at the company as the National Practice Director for Infrastructure services. Waddy was responsible for offering IT staffing to clients in the U.S. He is a B.S. in mechanical engineering graduate from Fairleigh Dickson University.

The other member of the executive team is Jim Yoshimura, DIVERSANT’s chief operations officer. He is one of the most accomplished executives in the IT staffing industry. Jim has served in IT staffing for over 30 years. Due to his experience, Jim provides leadership as well as strategy that are critical. His contributions ensure that DIVERSANT operates efficiently and always has the financial strength. Jim previously worked for Experis as the senior vice president. He was responsible for more than 20 branches and revenues of over $500 million. Additionally, he also served in senior roles in several firms in the consulting and outsourcing sector.

About John Goullet
John Goullet is a Ursinus College graduate and an experienced IT staffing professional. He is the Principal of DIVERSANT. John Goullet has a track record of leading in the creation of highly achieving business in the IT industry. That includes his own firm he established in 1994, Info technologies. Originally, Goullet commenced his career as an information technology consultant. He moved to IT staffing in 1994. John Goullet is a professional that excellently understands the trends of the IT market. He merged his firm with Waddy’s company to form DIVERSANT in 2010.

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James Dondero Appoints Linda Owen To Spearhead Highland’s Charitable Giving

Highland Capital Management’s charity activities will get a new strategic direction after James Dondero Partnered with Linda Owen. Linda, a Dallas civic leader will be Highland’s charitable giving manager. She will serve alongside with The Dallas Foundation that oversees Highland’s donations. In her previous job, Linda served at The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. She worked as the president of the organization.

James Dondero, the president of Highland Capital Management noted that the new appointment’s goal was to ensure that Highland contributions were impactful. In recent years, the firm’s charitable giving has increased immensely. Additionally, James Dondero that serves Highland as the president said that Linda shares the company’s vision of creating instant social success. She has also previously established private-public partnerships that have worked well in Dallas.

Highland Capital Management’s yearly contributions focus on supporting healthcare, veterans’ causes, the Dallas community, and education. These contributions that exceed $3 million annually are made through The Dallas Foundation. Local charity organizations that have benefited from the firm’s contributions include the American Heart Association and the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Additionally, the Dallas Zoo, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Snowball Express, and Uplift Education are the other organizations that have benefited. The organizations also benefit from the board support offered from James Dondero along with executives from the firm.

Linda remarked that Highland’s commitment to charity causes was motivating. The firm funds the organization and its employees work in the boards of the organization, which the company supports. She noted that having the opportunity to serve with a firm, which has that enthusiasm, was a great honor. Linda started her profession as a real estate associate and has been involved in many philanthropic organizations in her a career.

About James Dondero
James Dondero presently manages Highland’s operations. The co-founder of Highland Capital Management also oversees the firm’s investment strategies. He has served in the equity markets for more than 30 years and he is among the first to start collateralized loan obligations. James Dondero has also led the company in developing exceptional credit oriented solutions for its diverse investors globally.

He started working in 1984 as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty. James Dondero joined the firm’s training program. He worked for American Express and GIC prior to co-founding Highland in 1993. James Dondero is a certified management accountant, certified public accountant, and a chartered financial analyst. His board roles include American Banknote along with MGM Studios.

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Beauty Writer Chooses WEN By Chaz To Boost Fine Thin Mane

Big, bouncy, shiny hair is what most of us truly desire, and when your fine, thin locks don’t move much, it’s frustrating.

Many of us figure that bigger lathers produce giant hair, but according to healthy hair guru Chaz Dean, chemicals like sulfates are actually weakening your strands and promoting very little in healthy hair benefits.

That’s why beauty writer Emily McClure wanted to find a new way to add lift and shine to her dull, do nothing hair. So, she embarked on a 7-day WEN by Chaz hair challenge to see if his unique cleansing conditioners could give her Hollywood hair. She kept a 7-day hair log with hair selfies.

Chaz Dean has been a well-known west coast stylist-to-the-stars for a number of years now. He developed the Wen system that features a no-lather shampoo approach. Instead, his healthy formulas use natural botanical ingredients that add gloss, vitality and strength back to hair. His all-in-one bottle can cleanse, condition, deep condition and entangle effectively. Chaz sells Wen online via Amazon.

Emily started using WEN every morning in the shower and enjoyed the amazing volume the formula began to deliver to her mane. As she followed with a blow-dry and styling, her hair changed into an A-list crowning glory. Her locks had bounce, shine and movement, and if you check out her selfies, you can see her hair is gorgeous! Even her friends were blown away by Emily’s new shiny, soft tresses.

Emily was impressed with WEN by Chaz, as long as she followed a daily morning cleanse with a blow-dry and styling. If she got too busy and changed up the routine, her results were not as amazing. Sometimes, she got lazy and skipped the daily WEN wash.

If Emily had more time, she would definitely add WEN to her hair beauty collection. Check out the Wen channel on YouTube.

Wen website: