Shaygan Kheradpir Is Given The Task Of Leading Coriant A New CEO


The Coriant brand has been leading a group of new companies looking to break into the higher echelons of the optical networking industry after the company was created by the investment company Marlin Equity Partnres. Coriant was created from various parts of the Nokia Siemens company, Tellabs, and Sycamore to become one of the largest new entrants into the optical networking area of new technologies. A planned move from the very beginning was for CEO and Chairman Pat DiPietro to return to his executive role at Marlin once Coriant had been establi8shed, which left a vacancy at the top of the Coriant brand.

Veteran technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir has now stepped into the role of CEO at Coriant after he was empoyed by Marlin to conduct a profitability study at the company; after completing the study Kheradpir was offered the role of CEO and board Chairperson that allows him to use his knowledge of Coriant to full effect. The move is a good one for both Kheradpir and Coriant as the executive is given the chance to extend his career, and Coriant gets more than 25 years of experience at its helm.

Shaygan Kherapdir will bring a large amount of product development experience that has been developed over the course of his time spent working with technology companies like Verizon and GTE Labs. Kheradpir has not stood still in his career by simply looking to develop a technology based number of business skills, but also entered the financial industry as the first technology executive to sit on the board of Barclays. Under the leadership of Kheradpir the PingIt mobile payments platform was developed by Barclays and remains an important aspect of its business plan.

In a bid to maintain continuity within the Coriant brand Pat DiPietro will remain in place as Chairman to oversee the work completed by the company; however, the day to day running of the company will be placed in the hands of Cornell University graduate Kheradpir. The ability to maximize profits is one of the major areas of experience Shaygan Kheradpir has, which allowed him the chance to lower costs for Verizon’s information tecnology department below the industry standard.

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Why Solo Capital has Become a Major Player in Finance

The financial services industry is quite intricate. Many upstarts fail because their managers lack an in-depth understanding of the industry. Dominant firms always attribute their success to instinctive leadership. Solo Capital is one such firm. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, the firm’s success is mainly owed to the proactive management style executed by its founder, Sanjay Shah. Under his watch, Solo Capital has recorded impressive growth and is currently ranked amongst the largest private financial institutions in the UK.

Solo Capital specializes in private investments, proprietary trading and offering financial advisory services to clients. It recently started a sports division, which advices professional athletes about making investments that secure their financial future long after they retire. The investment advisory division mainly offers clients sound advice concerning high-value investments and the management of human resources. The proprietary trading arm of the firm on the other hand is mainly concerned with the spinoffs and commodity markets. The uniqueness of services offered by the firm has made it stand out from competitors. It also offers custom-made products to its clients.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay is an old hand in the financial markets, having honed his skills while working at large banking institutions such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Mr. Shah initially trained to be a medic but ditched the career along the way to work in the banking industry. This has ultimately turned out to be a judicious career decision judging from the remarkable success that he has had. Sanjay started Solo Capital by chance after he found himself jobless following the credit crunch of 2008. The firm has however gone on to be a huge success.

Throughout his corporate and entrepreneurial career, Sanjay has been involved in philanthropy. At first, he supported random charities in India without following up their activities. He however developed a keen interest in charity after it was found out that his son had Autism. This discovery led to the inception of Autism Rocks, an organization that supports Autism research through music shows by notable artistes. The organization has greatly helped to debunk previously unknown facts about the neurological disorder. Sanjay lives in Dubai with his wife and kids.


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The Manse on Marsh: Redefining Community Living

The Manse on the Marsh is an assisted living community located in the historic San Luis Obispo. With Chris Skiff at the helm of its management, the Manse on the Marsh has been voted number 1 in the SLO Tribune Reader’s Awards.

The Manse offers its very high quality and exclusive services to both permanent residents and guests who can stay for a few nights. What makes the Manse unique is its flexibility and quality in the service provision. It has got private residents doubled with an inviting and cozy common area. The rooms and housing options include 1-bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment, studio apartment and companion suites. Some of the residents come with full kitchenette fitted with ovens. It has a high-end technology and entertainment with full wi-fi connection in resident rooms and all the common areas together with cable TV.

The Manse is meant for those on permanent and temporary stay. The place is equally ideal for respite stays so as to recover one’s initial good health. The care department at the community is what makes it exceptional. They are fully trained personnel who provide high-end services that are designed to make the residents at the Manse feel more at home than ever. The best sanitation with health care services is guaranteed. Some of the cleaning services provided by the manse include housekeeping, laundry services for clothes and lines together with private services. The Medication technicians permanently present at the site are aimed at ensuring that the health demands of each and every other resident or guest are met.

For the permanent residents, their independence is fully guaranteed where one lives in his or her private residence without any disturbance. One is equally given a pendant that is used to contact the caregivers at any time for any assistance or service that may be needed. The residents are provided with three meals a day with a wide variety of foods being served. All kind of pets is allowed at the community together with transportation services. Guests can attend meals, stay overnight and are provided with ample parking. The residents are provided with various dining options. One can opt to have the meals delivered to their private residents or have the meals from the shared dining room. The activities at the site include fitness, yoga, games, book clubs and lecture and discussions and religious services together with organized offsite activities.  Follow them on Twitter @TheManseonMarsh or via their official online blog.

Skout Keeps Users Entertained

The thing that has made Skout the leader when it comes to social media is the ability that the Skout developers have at keeping their users entertained. This is something that acquires attention from the people that are developing the site. So many social media sites leave it up to the users to interact with one another, but even that can become boring from time to time. Skout takes care of this boredom that social media can bring by adding in some interesting articles that make people think.

Recently, the Skout site recognized National Potato Chip Day. This was a fun way for Skout to reveal what certain flavors tell about a certain person. There was a survey for Skout users, and the results were revealed through an article on the PR News Wire website. This is the type of survey that can be a great ice breaker when it comes to meeting strangers. Skout is the site that goes that extra mile by actually giving the registered users something that is worthy of fun conversation.

This is the first time that Skout developers have gone to the trouble of doing this. There was a time when the Skout site informed people about Random Kindness Week. There was another opportunity for people to become informed and join in on the conversation about Skout when the company participated in feeding the homeless. This was just another time when Skout was able to stir up conversation about something that was interesting.

It is good to have a site like Skout that does these types of surveys along with providing this type of information. This is a wonderful experience for all of those that are interested in chatting with someone new online. They may not be able to think of anything to say at first, but some of the Skout conversation worthy events may open things up to a whole new world of dialogue.

This is the largest global platform for meeting people, and millions of people have chosen to take advantage of this. This is a site that has given people the opportunity to make friends. It has also given people the ability to find dates and jobs. It is a diverse platform that caters to the needs of so many different people. There are even new features like Skout Travel that have made it possible to take virtual tours of cities.

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ClassDojo Making Learning Exciting and interactive

ClassDojo has managed to raise 21 million Dollars in a Series B round of project funding for the tech links educators to students’ parents and help them communicate consistently about the students’ activities, behavior and social development at school.
Round the clock communication throughout the year and more so during school days will help parents get constant information of what their kids are up to. Such communication will help in discussing issues that are rather only discussed once a semester in parents’ teachers’ meetings.
Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who are the cofounders of ClassDojo reported that the company closed the round in late 2015. They are using the capital to grow the team and find out what kind of features and content will be useful to the parents that use the app. The use is for both school and home.
With this new projects parents will be able to give or enhance their children learning and development at school. ClassDojo is used by teachers to make daily activities that parents are aware of usually on a daily basis. Parents also get videos and photos of their children’s work and activities from teachers via the ClassDojo app.
ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and the aim of the app was to create a platform where teachers, students and parents would interact with simplicity. The app is easy to use and has created a community for all.
The app is today used by over 85,000 schools in the United State. ClassDojo does not make money with user’s data to protect every child’s privacy rather they plan to create premium content that parents will pay to use.
ClassDojo is significant and is today being used to for students, teachers and parents’ collaboration. It is projected that ClassDojo user growth will increase to the same level as the big social network messaging platforms.
ClassDojo an easy way for teachers and students to interacts and get encourage them while at the same time sharing these best moments with parents. ClassDojo mission is to transform the traditional classroom and create an environment where teachers, students and parents closer together. ClasDojo enables communication to take place as well as motivate students to engage with their parents. The platform encourages students as it eliminates the boredom of an ordinary class and makes learning more exciting. With ClassDojo classes have become positive places with happier and motivated learners.
ClassDojo is driven by what teachers and parents need.


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Fabletics Changing the Face of Fashion

Recently in an interview with Marie Claire Magazine, famous actress and co-founder of Fabletics gave an in depth interview about the new products and direction the company is taking. Hudson’s influence on the fashion world has been immense because of her company’s ability to produce fashionable and comfortable workout gear as a lower cost than any competitor. Women have flocked to Fabletics because the clothing provides a feeling of comfort, support and fashionable looks that is difficult to find. It was always Hudson’s goal to allow people to look great and be comfortable in their workout gear. Now in this interview Kate Hudson reveals a few of the new surprises for her valued customers.

One of the new products on that have been recently brought to the market are a new change in casual wear that she calls “athleisure”. This line involves dresses that can be worn to virtually any occasion, work, a night out with friends or even on a date. They have taken the best parts of the support of workout leggings and put them into the casual dresses. It is the feeling of control, comfort, support and confidence that Fabletics clothing provides. You can wear them with confidence that you look great and they will keep all of your assets under cover the whole time. It is a freeing feeling. Some of these come with a built in bra which make them very low maintenance to wear. Even those that don’t are still very easy to wear, allowing for more of a lady’s focus to be placed on having a good and relaxing time.

The other new offering that Hudson speaks about is a new line of active swimwear. The tops of these attractive bathing suits are designed to double as sports bras, so that all of your beach and pool activities can easily contain a workout and a girl can be confident. The great looks and support that Fabletics are known for are clearly on display here for all customers to enjoy. The suits are very much designed with performance in mind and have been offered to the market to allow the most activity possible for ladies. Hudson wants Fabletics to represent a feeling of protection in their clothing that doesn’t compromise the sexiness and femininity that women can exude. Doing palates or yoga on the beach is something any of these swim suits can easily handle.

Fabletics is an online boutique that offers athletic wear and accessories geared toward women. It was co-founded by Hudson a few years ago and has been growing ever since. They use a business model that allows for memberships, which give special perks and fashionable outfits to their members. The real benefit here is that women can find workout gear that is comfortable and supportive that looks fantastic and provides a sense of style and beauty. They are also able to produce their clothing less expensively than their competition and they pass that savings on to their customers. 


Marc Sparks First Book Offers Business Advice to Entrepreneurs

American writer Will Durant summarized an Aristotle idea by saying, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

Serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks has made business excellence a habit, and he shares how he achieved it in his book, “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success.” – Get it at Amazon.

His book not only inspires those who dream of having a successful business, but learning from his failures empowers new entrepreneurs to continue forging their own path to success. The book offers business tips that Marc refers to as “Fifty Sparks.” Following these tips will help the business person lay a good foundation for their own success. Read more from Mark Sparks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  and Marc Sparks • Profile • Disqus

Sparks did not take the typical path to success. He is a high school graduate with a C+ average and did not attend college. Although he was fired from his first job, he went on to make his first million when he was 27 years old. When he lost it all, his ‘never-give-up’ attitude, helped him re-invent himself and once again find success.

Armed with tenacity and discipline, Marc Sparks has launched and run over sixty start-up businesses, and sold many of these businesses. Among other things, he has started a home décor business and an automobile insurance company, been a landscaper, furniture salesman and a restaurateur.

In addition to giving expert business advice in “They Can’t Eat You,” Sparks is a philanthropist who through his business, Timber Creek Capital, helps new entrepreneurs navigate the tricky maze of starting a business and provides start-up funding to new entrepreneurs.

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Shaygan Kheradpir: takes tech and business to success


The international supplier of innovative networking solutions, Coriant, is led by Chief Executive Officer Shaygan Kheradpir. He brings over 28 years of experience in the telecom, technology and financial services industries to this thriving network provider. His resume includes: a PHD, Master’s and bachelor’s in engineering from Cornell University, as well as industry experience from GTE Corporation, Barclays and Juniper Network. Kheradpir has also served on the team that developed the FiOS infrastructure program via Verizon, which is regarded as one of largest in the country showing a capital investment of over $20 billion.
Mr. Kheradpir also has a long track record of other projects that have gained him great success over the duration of his career. The first of these accomplishments was holding a leadership role within Barclays, which afforded him the opportunity to create the company’s TRANSFORM program. This was a historically significant transformation of the bank for the 21st century. His influence carried on to Juniper Network, where he served as CEO and pushed the company to streamline it’s operation and move into more strategic areas of market growth in the technology sector. Shaygan has also procured several patents in telecom, media and payments. He has served on the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, as well as the Cornell University Engineering Council.
Shaygan Kheradpir has helped to catapault Coriant to the top of the category in his field. Not only supplying network solutions to leading network operators in over 100 countries, but connecting the world.

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Talk Fusion Is Rising In Popularity

Business For Home is a website who recently shared an article about Talk Fusion that has some interesting implications.

Talk Fusion is the brainchild of Bob Reina. He is the company’s CEO, as well as its founder. Starting in 2007, his organization began putting together proprietary technology designed to give multi-platform support. The technology is a high-definition form of mobile/computer application that allows face-to-face video conversation in the way most people have imagined since Johnny Quest started talking to Dr. Quest on his watch-vid device. Well, since Apple has come out with the new iWatch, and since Talk Fusion’s technology allows for multi-platform support, it’s very likely that fantasy can now be a reality. Apple, PC, Android and tablet options are all fair game for Talk Fusion.

But more than being an innovation which is continuously rising in popularity (Talk Fusion’s marketing endeavors have compassed some 140 countries), Bob Reina makes sure that his successful organization gives back to the community. High standards of ethical business practices are what have earned Talk Fusion the right to be a member of the DSA, or Direct Selling Association. Furthermore, the organization regularly gives back to families and communities, as well as animal charities, worldwide. The idea is to not only bring about progressive technological innovation, it’s to induce positive change in a global sense.

Talk Fusion is now available with a thirty day free trial that requires no credit card to set up. For thirty days, you get complete access to all the apps involved in Talk Fusion, and once you’ve tried it, you’re probably going to want to keep trying it. In Indonesia, Talk Fusion is currently the number one app. It’s number five in Japan, which is likewise huge, and it is steadily climbing the ladder of popularity in Switzerland, coming across as the twentieth most-used app on the market currently.

The future is now, and now you can talk face-to-face with people in high definition with ease through Talk Fusion, a revolutionary new way to communicate. Its easy enough to set up a free account for a thirty day trial; certainly more will be using Talk Fusion soon.

How Eucatex Became a World Leader in Construction Products

Eucatex could be described as a company that was ahead of its time when it comes to concern for the environment. It was in fact the first Brazilian company to utilize eucalyptus fiber to produce ceiling tiles and panels. Eucatex is today the second largest producer of wood fiber products, capturing some 40 percent of the world market. It has over the years expanded its production capabilities to include such items as laminate flooring, steel roofing material and even household paints.

Eucatex is guided by Flavio Maluf, who assumed the position of company CEO in 2005 and is largely credited for its expansion over the past decade. The 54-year-old Twitter user Maluf was born in Sao Paulo with a name that was already etched into Brazilian history. His father Paulo was a famed Brazilian politican who has served as a city mayor, state governor and member of the Brazilian National Congress. The younger Maluf showed his interests in production and manufacturing at an early age, graduating with a degree in engineering. He would later study administration at New York University before returning to his native Brazil in 1987.

In his role as the CEO of Eucatex, he has overseen the continued growth of the firm. His emphasis has been in both the expansion of existing facilities and the development of new products. The engineering “bug” seems to run in the family. Wikipedia indicates Maluf and his wife have three children, and their oldest daughter has graduated with a degree in chemical engineering. Another child is studying engineering in England.  That’s even why Flavio Maluf wrote an article about Dupont’s chemical merger, considering how much he knows about Brazil’s chemical industry.

Established in 1951, Eucatex opened its first mill in the Brazilian town of Salto. Production capacity eventually increased to 100 tons a day. In the 1960s, the company opened additional mills and, in extending its services internationally, would by the 1980s open offices in the United States, Mexico, England, Germany and Holland. Opening a new factory in Salto in 1994, Eucatex would begin producing paints and varnishes. In 2010, it started producing its first advanced technology panels. The company today employs more than 2,200 workers and exports its products to nearly 40 countries. Eucatex was the first Brazilian company of its type to receive an ISO 9001 certification, honoring quality management and high standards.