Beauty Writer Chooses WEN By Chaz To Boost Fine Thin Mane

Big, bouncy, shiny hair is what most of us truly desire, and when your fine, thin locks don’t move much, it’s frustrating.

Many of us figure that bigger lathers produce giant hair, but according to healthy hair guru Chaz Dean, chemicals like sulfates are actually weakening your strands and promoting very little in healthy hair benefits.

That’s why beauty writer Emily McClure wanted to find a new way to add lift and shine to her dull, do nothing hair. So, she embarked on a 7-day WEN by Chaz hair challenge to see if his unique cleansing conditioners could give her Hollywood hair. She kept a 7-day hair log with hair selfies.

Chaz Dean has been a well-known west coast stylist-to-the-stars for a number of years now. He developed the Wen system that features a no-lather shampoo approach. Instead, his healthy formulas use natural botanical ingredients that add gloss, vitality and strength back to hair. His all-in-one bottle can cleanse, condition, deep condition and entangle effectively. Chaz sells Wen online via Amazon.

Emily started using WEN every morning in the shower and enjoyed the amazing volume the formula began to deliver to her mane. As she followed with a blow-dry and styling, her hair changed into an A-list crowning glory. Her locks had bounce, shine and movement, and if you check out her selfies, you can see her hair is gorgeous! Even her friends were blown away by Emily’s new shiny, soft tresses.

Emily was impressed with WEN by Chaz, as long as she followed a daily morning cleanse with a blow-dry and styling. If she got too busy and changed up the routine, her results were not as amazing. Sometimes, she got lazy and skipped the daily WEN wash.

If Emily had more time, she would definitely add WEN to her hair beauty collection. Check out the Wen channel on YouTube.

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Evaluating the Career of Davos Financial Group’s Founder

Davos Financial Group ranks amongst the largest Latino owned businesses globally. Since its formation, the conglomerate has grown in leaps and bounds. This remarkable growth is largely attributed to strong management led by the firm’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, David Osio. At DFG, Osio oversees all local and global business strategies put in place. He works hand in hand with DFG’s executive board to ensure that all goals put in place are met.

Mr. Osio’s Early Beginnings

David was born in Venezuela and is an alumni of Catholic University Andres Bello. He specialized in international banking law and business administration and management. His corporate career began in 1981 when he started OPWS Enterprises, a firm that was involved in coffee exportation. He helped the firm to become a dominant player in South America’s lucrative coffee export industry. Thereafter, Osio worked at Letco Commercial Companies where he held a senior executive position.

As a trained attorney, David has worked in a number of top Latino law firms. His most notable appointment in the legal field was at MGO, a Caracas based legal firm where he was in charge of the legal banking division. His position saw him deal with large baking firms such as Consolidated Bank. Due to the impressive nature of his work, Osio was recommended to Banco Latino International, a Miami based bank. Here, he was put in charge of the bank’s private banking division. During his stint, the bank’s customer numbers swelled. This increased the institution’s clout in the financial services industry.

Mr. Osio’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Throughout his legal and banking career, David harbored entrepreneurial ambitions. It was therefore not surprising when in 1993, he ventured out to start DFG. The company was initially based in Venezuela after he realized that the financial advisory services industry in the country was largely untapped. The firm aimed at providing these services to exclusive clients. Davos Financial Group was an instant success and has gone on to expand to major world cities, which include Panama, New York, Miami and Geneva.

David employs a unique approach that involves the use of several independent businesses operating under the DFG umbrella. This explains why the entire DFG network is strong and has expanded rapidly. Mr. Osio himself stresses the importance of innovation as the ultimate tool for business survival. He has trained with the American Banking Association and the Swiss Bank Corporation. This has sharpened his business acumen and opened his eyes to limitless opportunities in the financial services industry.

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Skout Has Great Technology That Allows People To Meet Each Other Online

Technology has made so many things a lot easier to do than ever before. Many used to wash clothes by hand but now use a washer to get clothes cleaner a lot faster. Those who used to be stuck with a wired phone now use cell phones, and those cell phones are now smarter than ever and can accommodate applications that can do just about everything that a person can think of. Many who use applications are fond of the Skout network because of its many features and because of all the possibilities that it holds. Skout is completely free to download and join.

Skout started out as a website that was meant for people to get to know one another, even if they lived in areas that were far from the other person that they were speaking to. The popularity of the Skout network grew as many people started visiting the network and finding love, which also changed the structure of the network. After the creators of Skout had learned that many people were using the network as a way to find love, the network was then advertised as a dating network, even though many people still joined to find friends.

Using the Skout application is as easy as pie once it’s downloaded from any application store. A person should choose to create a profile that will advertise themselves to others, especially if their sole purpose for joining the network is to find a relationship. Even those who are looking for friendship can use Skout in a productive way and can put their pictures in their profile to let others see them and know more about them. Use the features that Skout has to send greetings, to chat with others, to learn more about others, and to create a favorites list.
Many people who use Skout depend on their favorites list because it has hundreds if not thousands of people that they can talk to on a regular basis, and keeping this list means that one never has to go searching for the people they like the most on the network. Skout has also added features, such as the travel feature, which allows people to travel the globe through virtual means and to meet people along the way. Although not all of the features on Skout are free, the features that cost money can be paid for by using Skout points, which can be purchased through the application or the website.

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MeetMe acquires mobile flirting app Skout for $55 million in cash and stock

Make More Money With Your Business

You finally made the decision to start your own business and you have been operating an online store for a couple of years now. Generally speaking, you consider all things to be going pretty well but you would like to get some additional customers and start making more money. During your busiest month, you do well enough to make a fairly comfortable living, although you wouldn’t mind if things were a little bit better. The problem is, you have slow times just like any other business. When things are running slowly, you still manage to make ends meet but you sometimes get anxious about whether or not you will really have enough money to cover all of your expenses, both business and personal, when it is all said and done.

If this describes you, you are not alone. The truth is, there are plenty of people who are running their own businesses and are experiencing the exact same situation. It can be difficult to develop a small business idea and then successfully run it all by yourself. That certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t happen, but it also doesn’t mean that you won’t find more than your fair share of challenges along the way. Wouldn’t it be better to enlist the help of someone who has experience in certain areas that could really help you? If you struggle with marketing, especially with regard to marketing your business online, consider hiring

This is a company that understands exactly what it takes to ensure that you get the maximum number of customers coming to you. They have marketing expertise, but they also have a certain level of knowledge when it comes to finding the best and most effective ways to help you market your business online. Therefore, they can help you manage your online reputation, get you better page rankings and ultimately, help you make the money that you are looking for. It only makes sense to hire them so that you can continue living your dream of having your own business without having to pinch pennies every single month, and online reputation repair is the key.

The Best Lake Tahoe Resorts

So you’re looking for a great place to go skiing in Lake Tahoe? We got you covered so pack your bags and prepare for the ultimate skiing vacation!

Firstly let’s touch up on Squaw Valley. Located in Olympic Valley, California, Squaw Valley was the host of the 1960’s Winter Olympics. Along with being a skiing resort, Squaw Valley has many other recreational activities available. Amongst these are fine dining and spa’s (for all our ladies out there). Squaw Valley offers great rates and season passes, for those with a stronger passion for skiing.

Another favorite resort to take your gear and hit the snow is Aline Meadows at For those college students that hold love for skiing there are season passes for you! As long as you’re enrolled in 12 credits at the time of purchase you get unlimited access throughout the 2016 – 2017 season! That’s right, UNLIMITED! You can find them located in Alpine Meadows open daily from 9am – 4pm. Don’t miss out on your chance for load of fun. The course does offer skiing for skills sets ranging from novice to expert. What are you waiting for?

So you’re bringing your family up? A place that comes highly recommended is Sugar Bowl. They offer a family package so all individuals get to ski at a decent price. One great aspect about Sugar Bowl is they offer a “parent ticket” which allows parents to use one ticket for two members. One parent can watch the kids while the other goes up to ski, then they get to switch! Talk about budget friendly!

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about Mt. Rose. The best aspect of this resort is it offers free skiing for children 5 years of age and under. If that’s not a spectacular deal I don’t know what is! Mt. Rose is actually the closest resort to Reno so a little extra exploring is encouraged! Mt. Rose is an excellent place for a beginner because of the courses it offers. They have a program for children ages 4-10 learning to ski as well as a more aggressive program for ages 4-18 that are more advanced. Now that’s family friendly!

Although there are many more wonderful ski resorts with a lot to offer, these are just a few to give you a push in the right direction. Don’t forget to pack your warm clothes and enjoy that vacation you’ve been waiting for!

The Legal Protections That the SEC Provides to Whisteblowers

SEC Whistleblower attorneys did not come about until much later in the United States legal system. The reason for this is that it was not until 2010 that Congress enacted one of the most important pieces of legislation since the Great Depression called the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Once of the most important provisions that the Dodd-Frank Act implemented was a program for whistleblowers that enables those who report financial crimes to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the ability to enjoy certain financial incentives and employment protections.

Once the Dodd-Frank Act was passed, the first law firm to establish a practice entirely dedicated to protect SEC whistleblowers was Labaton Sucharow. What made this firm a natural fit to take on SEC whistleblower cases was that they already had access to the requisite expertise pertaining to both state and federal law in the way of financial analysts, forensic accountants, and in-house investigators. Currently, the firm’s practice is led by Jordan A. Thomas, who is a former Chief of Litigation Counsel within the Division of Enforcement in the SEC. Jordan’s prior experience makes him the ideal fit to assist whistleblower cases given that he had a major role in drafting the Dodd-Frank Act itself.

What is essential to understand about the SEC’s whistleblower program is that the SEC is required to pay 10-30% of the monetary sanctions collected in judgements that are larger than $1 million. Larger payouts are also available to whistleblowers if the specific monetary sanctions are eligible. Additionally, the Dodd-Frank Act protects whistleblowers from any retaliation that an employer may impose as a result of their actions.

One of the primary benefits of a whistleblower obtaining legal counsel is that they are legally permitted to report their accusations anonymously if they are represented by an attorney. Thus, before reporting any sort of financial crimes to the SEC, it is highly recommended to obtain legal counsel to represent you. This way, you will be made aware of the rights that you have under the Dodd-Frank Act, which is designed to protect you for doing the honorable deed and protecting innocents from financial crimes.

How Does Mike Baur Make Startups Safer Bets?

There are a lot of people who are trying to get their startups to perform well, but they have no way of doing that because they are not sure where to start. There are a lot of startups every year that do not have the support they need, and that is why they need to come to Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory. The people at the Swiss Startup Factory were all trained by Mike Baur, and they help clients come in and figure out how to best use the money they have for their startup.

There are a lot of considerations, and it is important that Mike Baur is put on the job. He is going to help people make sure that they are moving in the right direction, and he will show them what can be done when they are using their funds correctly. Every company is trying to come up with a way of making the most out of their money, and they need a titan in the industry like Mike Baur to help them. Mike Baur has gone through this process many times, and he always comes up with the right answer.

He is also there to make sure that all the companies he works with are given a fair shake when they are trying to find other investors. Mike Baur knows how to find investors, and he also know how people are going to respond when they are given a chance to improve their companies. The business that starts with the Swiss Startup factory is going to do a lot better than one that goes off on its own just because of the advice they get from Mike Baur.

He has been a principal with the company for a long time, and he knows what steps he can take to make the biggest change in the way that a business runs. He will show the leaders how to lead a new company, and he will track their progress until they are healthy. The magic behind what Mike Bur does is attentive care and the team at the Swiss Startup Factory.

Shaygan Kheradpir Is Given The Task Of Leading Coriant A New CEO


The Coriant brand has been leading a group of new companies looking to break into the higher echelons of the optical networking industry after the company was created by the investment company Marlin Equity Partnres. Coriant was created from various parts of the Nokia Siemens company, Tellabs, and Sycamore to become one of the largest new entrants into the optical networking area of new technologies. A planned move from the very beginning was for CEO and Chairman Pat DiPietro to return to his executive role at Marlin once Coriant had been establi8shed, which left a vacancy at the top of the Coriant brand.

Veteran technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir has now stepped into the role of CEO at Coriant after he was empoyed by Marlin to conduct a profitability study at the company; after completing the study Kheradpir was offered the role of CEO and board Chairperson that allows him to use his knowledge of Coriant to full effect. The move is a good one for both Kheradpir and Coriant as the executive is given the chance to extend his career, and Coriant gets more than 25 years of experience at its helm.

Shaygan Kherapdir will bring a large amount of product development experience that has been developed over the course of his time spent working with technology companies like Verizon and GTE Labs. Kheradpir has not stood still in his career by simply looking to develop a technology based number of business skills, but also entered the financial industry as the first technology executive to sit on the board of Barclays. Under the leadership of Kheradpir the PingIt mobile payments platform was developed by Barclays and remains an important aspect of its business plan.

In a bid to maintain continuity within the Coriant brand Pat DiPietro will remain in place as Chairman to oversee the work completed by the company; however, the day to day running of the company will be placed in the hands of Cornell University graduate Kheradpir. The ability to maximize profits is one of the major areas of experience Shaygan Kheradpir has, which allowed him the chance to lower costs for Verizon’s information tecnology department below the industry standard.

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Why Solo Capital has Become a Major Player in Finance

The financial services industry is quite intricate. Many upstarts fail because their managers lack an in-depth understanding of the industry. Dominant firms always attribute their success to instinctive leadership. Solo Capital is one such firm. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, the firm’s success is mainly owed to the proactive management style executed by its founder, Sanjay Shah. Under his watch, Solo Capital has recorded impressive growth and is currently ranked amongst the largest private financial institutions in the UK.

Solo Capital specializes in private investments, proprietary trading and offering financial advisory services to clients. It recently started a sports division, which advices professional athletes about making investments that secure their financial future long after they retire. The investment advisory division mainly offers clients sound advice concerning high-value investments and the management of human resources. The proprietary trading arm of the firm on the other hand is mainly concerned with the spinoffs and commodity markets. The uniqueness of services offered by the firm has made it stand out from competitors. It also offers custom-made products to its clients.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay is an old hand in the financial markets, having honed his skills while working at large banking institutions such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Mr. Shah initially trained to be a medic but ditched the career along the way to work in the banking industry. This has ultimately turned out to be a judicious career decision judging from the remarkable success that he has had. Sanjay started Solo Capital by chance after he found himself jobless following the credit crunch of 2008. The firm has however gone on to be a huge success.

Throughout his corporate and entrepreneurial career, Sanjay has been involved in philanthropy. At first, he supported random charities in India without following up their activities. He however developed a keen interest in charity after it was found out that his son had Autism. This discovery led to the inception of Autism Rocks, an organization that supports Autism research through music shows by notable artistes. The organization has greatly helped to debunk previously unknown facts about the neurological disorder. Sanjay lives in Dubai with his wife and kids.


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The Manse on Marsh: Redefining Community Living

The Manse on the Marsh is an assisted living community located in the historic San Luis Obispo. With Chris Skiff at the helm of its management, the Manse on the Marsh has been voted number 1 in the SLO Tribune Reader’s Awards.

The Manse offers its very high quality and exclusive services to both permanent residents and guests who can stay for a few nights. What makes the Manse unique is its flexibility and quality in the service provision. It has got private residents doubled with an inviting and cozy common area. The rooms and housing options include 1-bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment, studio apartment and companion suites. Some of the residents come with full kitchenette fitted with ovens. It has a high-end technology and entertainment with full wi-fi connection in resident rooms and all the common areas together with cable TV.

The Manse is meant for those on permanent and temporary stay. The place is equally ideal for respite stays so as to recover one’s initial good health. The care department at the community is what makes it exceptional. They are fully trained personnel who provide high-end services that are designed to make the residents at the Manse feel more at home than ever. The best sanitation with health care services is guaranteed. Some of the cleaning services provided by the manse include housekeeping, laundry services for clothes and lines together with private services. The Medication technicians permanently present at the site are aimed at ensuring that the health demands of each and every other resident or guest are met.

For the permanent residents, their independence is fully guaranteed where one lives in his or her private residence without any disturbance. One is equally given a pendant that is used to contact the caregivers at any time for any assistance or service that may be needed. The residents are provided with three meals a day with a wide variety of foods being served. All kind of pets is allowed at the community together with transportation services. Guests can attend meals, stay overnight and are provided with ample parking. The residents are provided with various dining options. One can opt to have the meals delivered to their private residents or have the meals from the shared dining room. The activities at the site include fitness, yoga, games, book clubs and lecture and discussions and religious services together with organized offsite activities.  Follow them on Twitter @TheManseonMarsh or via their official online blog.