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Organo Gold, The Mystical Mushroom

The shiny mushroom goes by many names. It is called gamoderma and has been used by Asian countries for many ages for its healing properties. The mushroom cap is shiny and round, it resembles a cosmic vortex and raises images of magic in the mind when stared at. The scientific name is Ganoderma Lucidum. The Organo Gold family is known around the world for its use of the spiritual mushroom in its coffees and teas. Its has been used in similar ways for thousands of years in China. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

In China, the mushroom is known as lingzhi. The first known instances of the fungus’ use occur during the Han Dynasty. In recordings, Peter Adolf Karsten named it Ganoderma In 1881. This name comes from the Greek word for brightness. Indeed, when looking at the ganoderma mushroom one gets a sense of brightness. The cap is shiny and health benefits explode from the spores. It is befitting to note that lucidum is Latin for shining.

In two thousand years of Chinese medicine, the herb was used for physical ailments and spiritual cleansing. The compounds present in the fungus are beneficial for spiritual healing, aura cleansing, miracle making, and channeling divine energy. In Vietnam, the Vietnamese call Ganoderma linh chi, a term they use for supernatural mushroom. The belief is that the mushroom holds great gifts handed down through the cosmos. There is a legend that a poor villager was stricken terminally ill; the local doctors could not heal him and he had no money to purchase medicine from the city. He was instructed by the village elder to brew a tea made from the dried powder of linh chi and drink it before going to sleep. Once drank tea made from the mushroom he was healed of all signs of illness. In Chinese lore, the mushroom has been called God’s herb. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is a popular tea and coffee company that takes pride in serving the world with great teas and coffees. Their best products are the infused green teas and black teas specially designed to contain high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins. The coffees are certified lion strength and are made available in black, gold, and espresso. The coffees and teas are available for purchase around the world and can officially be bought online through their purchasing portal. The best medicine is natural medicine and now everyone can access the raw power of Ganoderma lucidum.


Mighty Fortress Church, Best Place To Be

Mighty Fortress Church is defiantly the best place to come to worship God. Mighty Fortress Church is committed to helping guest and members have the dream relationship with God. Mighty Fortress Church helps their members achieve the goals by helping them in every category in their lives. People enjoy coming to Mighty Fortress Church because the environment is amazingly free and outgoing. Members are allowed to come to church and make the best out of their church experience. Mighty Fortress Church is a non judgmental space. They believe that only God can truly judge anyone. When attending Mighty Fortress Church prepare to have on of the best church experiences of a life time! Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Mighty Fortress Church is a church that is full of diversity. The church has gender diversity, social diversity, race diversity, and even sexuality diversity. Mighty Fortress Church is open to people and their different types of living styles. One of Mighty Fortress Church’s goal is to promote diversity in side the church. Diversity is very important because people need to know that there are many different types of ways to live. Diversity helps people see that people who they’d think they don’t have anything in common with, they actually do, and that one thing is being a lover of God.

Mighty Fortress Church has different groups and organizations that help members to be actively involved inside the church. One way of getting members close with the church is by keeping them involves. All members are encouraged to join at least one group inside the church. Joining church groups is also another way to promote team work. Team work is another one of Mighty Fortress Church’s goals. Team work prepares people for the real world. It is also great to get to know the people who you attend church with. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

The pastor of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop Tom Williams. Tom Williams is the founder of Mighty Fortress Church as well. He has been a man of God for more than 30 years now. Pastor Tom Williams is married and has a loving family. He really enjoys being a pastor!