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Highland Capital Management and Meaningful Events

Highland Capital Management has eagerly assisted the George W. Bush Presidential Center before. It doesn’t look to be cutting down on its assistance any time soon, either. The well-known firm just revealed that it’s going to be providing the center with an endowment gift that’s worth an impressive $10 million. The objective behind this gift is to keep the center’s public programs strong and consistent. Highland Capital Management will rely on the endowment gift in order to organize numerous yearly Engage series events. The company is going to put together a yearly event that’s called the “Highland Capital Lecture.” James Dondero is going to become part of the Executive Advisory Council for Kenneth Hersh. Hersh is the Chief Executive Officer of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. James Dondero, on the other hand, is Highland Capital Management’s President and co-founder. People often call him by his nickname, Jim. Visit to know more.

Highland Capital has done a lot for the Bush Presidential Center throughout the last several years. It’s given the center $5 million and counting since back in 2012. The company was an early benefactor for the center as well. It was a company that put money into the launching of the center and all of its components and amenities. The center has been around since 2013.

Dondero indicates that he finds the Bush Center’s effect on the United States to be quite dazzling and remarkable. The executive states that the center encourages the existence of quite a few pertinent and relevant events. The Engage series is a big example. Dondero believes that the Engage series endorses critical discussions that revolve around vital policy matters in the United States. He expresses that Highland Capital Management is happy to help the center and its objectives.


The Engage series has been a big hit since it was first introduced to the public by the center. It has captivated massive audiences time and time again. It can often be difficult for people to secure tickets to Engage series happenings. Tickets tend to sell out rapidly. It’s been a major component of the center’s aims for a handful of years. There have been programs that have put some truly notable individuals on display. Examples of these acclaimed public figures are Lorne Michaels, Barbara Bush, Jenna Bush Hager, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Browder and Michael Hayden. People can learn a lot by attending these exciting and comprehensive center events. Read more about Highland Capital at