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Bruno Fagali On The Influence Of Deep Fakes On The Elections: What’s The Best Course Of Action?

For a long time, a lot has been declared over fake news and it’s power over the elections around the globe (and mostly in the current race between Trump and Hillary in the US)

But, for now at least, the presidential election year in the area here in Brazil, the TSE has also been looking into the problem, having discourses and harmonizing experts with the goal of building tools and forms with the ability to dispersing the influence that this can urge with the election process.

The TSE has executed last December the Consultative Council on Internet and Elections, including such duties and responsibilities which can be summed up in three elemental points:

I. To create and examine studies on electoral laws and the power of the internet on elections.
II. Give its view on the subjects submitted to it by the Presidency of the TSE
III. Propose goals and aims to improve the standards

Bruno Fagali announced the results of one study. The Science journal just published what is perhaps the seminal study on the function of fake news ever produced which was designed by MIT. This research, which Bruno notes, shows the determination on Twitter, fake news is 70% more expected to be paid attention to than the real news. A particular section of the research shocked us even more: contrary to what we believed, it was ordinary profiles, not the automated fake profiles, which were the largest perpetrators of fake news on Twitter.

This presents us more evidence to be even more sure that, in order to resist the propagation of all types of incorrect knowledge, it may be required to eliminate its electoral consequences, it is important that in attachment to a public policies of public attention and literacy about the topic and specifically in election years as we have now witnessed.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is among the leading class of ascending lawyers from Brazil who is including a new perspective on the legal structure of this country. Using his extensive knowledge of legal knowledge and application in Administrative Law, Bruno Fagali has established a unique name for himself. Since 2006, he has been included in various of law institutions where he exercised in diverse law practices. Currently, he practices as the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB and serves privately through his own organization founded as Fagali Law Firm.

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CEO Barbara Stokes and Green Structures Homes Build Modular Homes, While Generating New Jobs

Green Structures Homes is a company that specializes on the production of on-site homes and commercial structures. The company is a leader in its field and prides itself on being able to customize the on-site structures to fit nearly every need and to modify the structures for any specificities of the particular parcel of land they are being built on. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Green Structures Homes is led by Chief Executive Officer Barbara Stokes. She and her husband, Scott, spearhead the company. The two are passionate about innovation and about consistently pushing Green Structures Homes to new heights, as well as taking on projects that other companies in the industry can. GSH can build not only modular residential sites, but also commercial structures. GSH has worked on many disaster relief efforts, which means that both temporary, long-term and permanent jobs have been able to be generated through the work of Barbara Stokes and Green Structures Homes.

Barbara stokes is a proud graduate of Mercer University. During her time there, it can’t be overstated how fully she took advantage of learning the ins and outs of nearly a dozen industry focuses that would all position her to be the most knowledgeable leader in the industry of on-site construction of residences. For example, while her two main focuses were to absorb as much knowledge as possible in the fields of Biomedical Engineering and Physics, she added many other sub-fields to her studies, all of which greatly apply to the manufacturing of on-site buildings. These fields include (but are not limited to) Thermodynamics, Technical Communication, Management in the Manufacturing Sector and the Structures and Properties of Construction Materials. Prior to joining the Green Structures Homes team, Barbara Stokes did extensive work in the aerospace field with Boeing.


She is also known for her leadership style, which is bold and never afraid to incorporate new ideas into existing ways of doing things. She is also incredibly passionate about the incorporation of the newest technology into all things that GSH does. The company utilizes highly specific technology such as AutoCAD that allow them to give their clients a faster, more cost effective and more precise project, every time. Barbara Stokes also has a strong background working in the sometimes complex field of government contracting and leads the path for GSH’s ongoing support for FEMA and the U.S. Government. She is a mother to three and spends her free time volunteering for a variety of causes in her town of Huntsville, Alabama. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.