Bruno Fagali On The Influence Of Deep Fakes On The Elections: What’s The Best Course Of Action?

For a long time, a lot has been declared over fake news and it’s power over the elections around the globe (and mostly in the current race between Trump and Hillary in the US)

But, for now at least, the presidential election year in the area here in Brazil, the TSE has also been looking into the problem, having discourses and harmonizing experts with the goal of building tools and forms with the ability to dispersing the influence that this can urge with the election process.

The TSE has executed last December the Consultative Council on Internet and Elections, including such duties and responsibilities which can be summed up in three elemental points:

I. To create and examine studies on electoral laws and the power of the internet on elections.
II. Give its view on the subjects submitted to it by the Presidency of the TSE
III. Propose goals and aims to improve the standards

Bruno Fagali announced the results of one study. The Science journal just published what is perhaps the seminal study on the function of fake news ever produced which was designed by MIT. This research, which Bruno notes, shows the determination on Twitter, fake news is 70% more expected to be paid attention to than the real news. A particular section of the research shocked us even more: contrary to what we believed, it was ordinary profiles, not the automated fake profiles, which were the largest perpetrators of fake news on Twitter.

This presents us more evidence to be even more sure that, in order to resist the propagation of all types of incorrect knowledge, it may be required to eliminate its electoral consequences, it is important that in attachment to a public policies of public attention and literacy about the topic and specifically in election years as we have now witnessed.

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