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Matt Badiali Has Been Trying To Tell Investors Now Is The Time To Buy Oil Stock

Since May of 2018, Matt Badiali has been trying to tell everyone, including his subscribers at Banyan Hill Publishing, that Oil is going to be increasing in price. As an expert investor who specializes in the natural resources industry, he has years of experience working in the sector. He earned his Bachelor’ Degree in Earth Sciences at Penn State University and went on to complete his Master of Science in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. He was working towards his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina when his friend opened his eyes up to the financial world. His friend could see that Badiali’s scientific knowledge would benefit him greatly in the world of investing, and it has very much over the years. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

Instead of continuing his education, Matt Badiali dived right into the world of investing and finance and is now one of Banyan Hill Publishing’s expert investment advisers. Matt Badiali is known for his willingness to get his hands dirty and get out into the field to actually take a closer look at his investments. He is not the kind of guy to let others do his work for him and has traveled all around the world to learn more about his investments and to educate others about the intricacies of investing in natural resources. Instead of relying on conventional research methods, Matt Badiali knows how to find those golden nuggets of information that give him a keyhole view into

the world of natural resources.


Matt Badiali noted that oil did better than the S&P during the last year, and he was trying to alert people to a possible increase in its value back in 2017. No one wanted to listen to him, though. He saw a combination of factors on the rise that would soon push oil’s price up, and now people are wanting to know more about what he knows because oil is rising dramatically. He currently is advising investors to use short-term declines as a buying opportunity and points out that the issues in the Middle East could cause the price of oil to continue to rise. President Trump’s Iran decision also plays a role in the cost of oil because of the fact that Iran exports a large amount of oil. He also sees the crisis in Venezuela where the country is reducing its export of oil as a large driver of higher prices, and he is continuing to alert investors to the potential profit they could be making by investing in oil. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.