How Neurocore Brain Training Helps Athletes Improve Their Performance Levels

The brain is responsible for the way the body performs. A recent article delved into the different levels of performance often seen in athletes. Although most people attribute good athletic performance to either an abundance of talent or arduous training, the answer is actually found in the activity of the brain. The link between the body’s level of performance and the activity found in the brain has been the underlying foundation to the brain training processes used by Neurocore. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The brain’s activity increases as adrenaline is produced during times of increased stress. This allows athletes to drive their bodies beyond what would be the normal range of physical activity. Good levels of performance combine this effort with the ability to stay mentally focused, which is what allows an athlete to be in the zone or to bring their “A” game. However, even the best athletes have off days, which has been shown to also be linked to the brain’s activity. Just as the body needs time to rest, so does the brain.

A quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings named Kirk Cousins, found that he was experiencing this type of on and off level of performance. He decided to use the brain training process provided through Neurocore to help improve his performance levels. The process used by Neurocore’s Brain Training Centers is one that is based on the elements of repetition and reinforcement. The analysis performed on Mr. Cousins before he started treatment indicated that his brain was not receiving enough down time in between its levels of high performance.


The professionals at Neurocore understand how increased brain activity can impair a person’s ability to sleep. This in turn, affects they way they perform both mentally and physically. To counter the effects of high stress brain activity, the team at Neurocore have their clients watch a movie while they are connected to electrodes. Every time their attention strays from what is happening on screen, the movie pauses. When their attention is refocused it starts up again. This process allows individuals to gain control over their brain’s activity, which improves their level of performance. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.