OSI Group, Food Sourcing, & The Future

Did you know that many of the foods that line the shelves of your favorite grocery stores come from a food sourcing company? Even there are numerous brands to choose from, many of brands tend to se the exact same producer, which is known as a food source. There are many of these organizations throughout the world, but the U.S. hosts one of the very best and it’s known as OSI Group.

OSI Group was founded by a German immigrant over a century ago. It was basically a small processing company in those days, but it produced some of the freshest ground beef. Otto & Sons was it’s name and it began to make a name for itself by supplying many different businesses. After the company exploded with growth, it moved over to Aurora, Illinois and became the powerhouse of today.

OSI Group is one of the biggest privately held companies in the U.S. with over 20,000 employees. That’s right! Being so huge comes from the ability of serving foreign markets. OSI Group has some of the most innovative facilities around and these facilities are located in 17 different countries. By having a total amount of 65 facilities, this amount was needed to keep up with such huge demands. OSI Group is also business savvy and it does a great job with acquisitions. By acquiring other food suppliers, the company can expand it’s overall range. BAHO Foods, Tyson Food Plant, and Flagship Europe have been added to the team in recent years.

Retailors, grocery stores, and restaurants all benefit from food suppliers and OSI Group is right at the top of everyone’s list. This also includes “custom food solutions” for those wanting something more unique. The future is looking great as of now and OSI Group is leading the charge in the 21st Century.