Unique Strategies for Success

With the emergence of entrepreneurs who are very technologically savvy and well aware of how today’s current technology can impact their business, today’s entrepreneurs are busy using every new strategy they can find in an effort to attract more business their way. However, while this is definitely needed in today’s world, this by itself does not necessarily guarantee success. If there is any entrepreneur who understands this, it’s Brad Reifler. One of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors since the early 1980s, Brad has established himself as one of today’s brightest business minds just from his financial tip articles alone. Having started numerous companies from scratch, he has proven time and time again that while knowing the latest technology is always beneficial, many other things must be done to make a business viable.

Of all the skills Brad possesses, most people would attribute his business success to his thirst for knowledge. Always studying the latest sales strategies and other factors that go into making a business successful, he then takes those strategies that apply to his businesses and makes each one a unique fit for his world. For example, while CEO at Pali Capital in the 1990s, he was focused on developing new sales strategies for his team. After reading about some, he got together with his sales team and went to work making them even more effective. After a few weeks, the sales team put them into action. Needless to say, their results paid off, with Pali reaching an astounding $1 billion in commission income by the time Brad left the company. Proving to the business world that he had what it takes to succeed, Brad has never forgotten the lessons he learned during that experience. As a result, he learned not to be afraid of failure, but rather embrace the challenge and move forward.

One look at Brad’s beautiful New York home and you can see that he’s definitely experienced some success.  Now he’s focusing his efforts with his new conglomerate, Forefront Group.  They have focused on providing new investment opportunities to those that otherwise wouldn’t have them.  Including the middle class, who are previously closed off from making these types of moves.